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Empowering web tools for the small business

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Empowering web tools for the small business

Custom Responsive Web Design

Site Discovery Site Discovery

A preliminary stage, once the site discovery has been completed, these key points shall be addressed:

Site Concept and Design Site Concept and Design

The first step of building a website is creating the site concept and design. Any pictures, graphics, brochures, fliers, newsletters, company logo or catalog for your business would facilitate this stage of development, as well as:

Template Page Template Page

Upon approval of the site concept and design, the graphic mockup will be broken down into individual graphics and a template page will be scripted. Through the course of development, the template page will most likely be modified along the way. But by the launching of the site there will be an established template page. Any pages to be created after site launching should utilize this template page. Two very important actions to be completed during this stage of development are:

Standards Standards

Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon, all sites will meet these design standards:

Content Gathering Content Gathering

All the copy and graphics for the site need be provided such as:

Site Development Site Development

As the content is being gathered, the individual sections of the website shall be built out. The site will start to take form and have substance.

Launching Launching

As the website is nearing completion, there shall be a final QA to ensure the site is completely operational and functional, spell check performed and cross-platform cross-browser testing. Upon approval, the site shall be officially launched.

Search Engine Submission Search Engine Submission

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Before the site is submitted to the search engines, the site first needs to be optimized for the search engines.

At Bags End Web Design
Empowering web tools for the small business
At Bags End Web Design
Empowering web tools for the small business